Fun, Fun & More Fun!

Check out this short video to see a quick peek at the La Guaria Jungle Farm, River & Waterfalls Tour.  This tour has something for everyone!

Getting Down & Dirty!

Fun on the Farm

La Guaria & River Tour

Girl's having a great time in the rain. This is the rainforest, after all, so prepared to get wet...and have a great time doing it! 
Life on a farm can get dirty and we have a GREAT time driving through the mud after a rainy day!  Every day is a great day for an ATV adventure!
ATV Adventure on t private farm, enjoying the views and ending in the beautiful clean river.  Every day is a beautiful day here in Costa Rica!

Client Video of ATV Extreme

The Power Wheels Team

Michael & D'Angelo's Video

Her's a cool video from one of our awesome clients.  We saw monkeys, a huge Ceiba tree, swam in the river and got a "massage" from a waterfall...overall, a great day!
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MIchael Alan & D'Angelo do videos all around Costa Rica.  We were pleased to have them take a ride with us and interview some of our other clients about their experience!